Professional Admin UI And Tools For Your .NET Web Applications

Background Job Scheduling • Easy Reports Using Your Data • Run Custom Bulk Actions

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Is Your App's Back-End Administration Painful And Demotivating?

Are your back-end bulk jobs a hassle to maintain and run?

Are other projects suffering because of time wasted managing your back-end?

Get scared when you have to insert a new database record into production?

Does all that routine back-end administration destroy your motivation for the day?

Are those ugly and buggy back-end tools making you feel unprofessional?

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Job Scheduling & Management

Visually configure all your back-end job schedules.

Database persisted schedules keep different environments isolated.

View which jobs failed and what caused the errors.


CRUD UI & Tabular Reports

Scaffold an entire GUI for managing your database entities and ensure garbage data stays out.

Run bulk actions/jobs on only the entities of your choosing.

Easily configure tabular reports to gain detailed insights into your application's data.


Metrics Dashboard

Customizable metric cards that help you get a quick view of your system's health.

Grab data from your database, an external API, or anywhere else you might need.


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What Is Coravel?

I created Coravel as an open-source library to help .NET developers have a way to get started quickly without requiring all the extra infrastructure. You shouldn't need Cron, Windows Task Scheduler, Redis, RabbitMQ, etc. just to get a production ready app built!

Coravel Pro takes the open source library to the next level and gives you a beautiful UI with powerful tools to manage your .NET apps in an even easier way!

James Hickey

Creator of Coravel


Can I try Coravel Pro without purchasing a license?

YES! You can install Coravel Pro via Nuget and test things out for a reasonable amount of time. Once you decide that Coravel Pro is a tool you want to use in production, then please purchase a license.

Can I still use the open-source Coravel library to configure some of my scheduled jobs in code?

YES! You can choose to schedule some jobs in your code (but these will be scheduled in all your environments) and also from Coravel Pro's UI. You can use all the features of the open-source Coravel when using Coravel Pro.

How does Coravel Pro differ from HangFire or Quartz?

For a comparison of the open-source Coravel library and these other popular tools please read these comparisons.

Coravel Pro is more than just job scheduling.

It has additional features like being able to hook into your EF Core database and help you build custom reports and a CRUD UI.

You can do things like:

Select a few users from a report and execute a bulk action to set those users as administrators.

Run a bulk action to disable those users for your system.

Send the selected users each an email.

Generate a PDF report for the selected entities in your custom report.

What if I'm running Coravel Pro on multiple machines that are load-balanced?

Customers using Coravel Pro will take this approach to ensure all their jobs run on one machine at a time.

You can use libraries like DistributedLock to wrap your Invocables/Jobs in a distributed lock - and even create a base class to encapsulate this logic. Any jobs launched from the UI will run on whichever machine it was triggered on.

Also, since all your schedules are stored in a database, any stored schedules can be used by all other active machines running Coravel Pro.